Light as a Feather
NADFLY's Commission
The Atrium Wall NHS Forth Valley Hospital Scotland.
March until May 2015

Light as a Feather brings dynamism and intense colour to the Atrium Wall in NHS Forth Valley Hospital. It views walking through the Atrium as an experiential activity and aims to move in unison with the visitor uplifting them as they migrate through the space. The tumbling feathers flow creating ideas of weightlessness, elegance and flight.

Playfully brushing the notion of how we would like to feel in this situation. It’s purchase is to be bold, elevating, spirited and simple in execution. The tumbling feathers are be painted directly on to the wall, to create a solid, cohesive, bright finish.

Thank you to the friends of the NHS Forth Valley Hospital & Babs McCool

Photo credit: Jim Burns, Celine Mcilmunn & NADFLY ©