peppersolo series two

The second edition of NADFLY's peppersolo series two comprises a porcelain cup with which you can create a small oasis of calm in even the busiest day, where you can observe your thoughts and find peace. The series is designed to provide you with the tools to achieve this. The porcelain cups are handmade and glazed in Glasgow to hold comforting peppermint tea. This is a private, solo ritual which can be held in the morning, afternoon or evening.

All of NADFLY’s unique porcelain series are handmade by the artist Nicola Atkinson and produced in strictly limited editions in her Glasgow studio in South Block.

The whole peppersolo collection can be found at bynadfly..

NADFLY's thank you to the peppersolo model friends : Sally Hackett, Ian A Dobbins & Laura O'Hanlon - photographed by Nicola Atkinson/NADFLY

Artwork concept & Photographs©nadfly2014